Simply Lebnene, The Art Of Being Lebanese

This night is dedicated to people full of life and a spirit that is energetic, vibrant and always hopeful. Lebanon is known for the hospitality and vitality of its people. Lebanon in all its beauty, and even on its darkest days, still shines with a light that cannot be dimmed.

The celebration kicks off on Sunday, September 12th with a special guest appearance by popular Lebanese singer Joseph Attieh to set the right tone and add an unparalleled level of excitement. The weekly event will follow with an exciting line-up of entertainment.

Rabih Fakhreddine, CEO of 7 Management said, “As a Lebanese company, we are delighted to create a night for the people of Lebanon, both in remembrance and support for the country and the steel resilience of the people while keeping hope alive. We hope the surprise of the night will be remembered for long to come.”

The climax of the night takes place with “Lebnan ra7 yerja3” blasting, followed by a surprise rippling across Antika.

Traditionally, after a night of partying in Lebanon, you receive a complimentary warm, delicious slice of sweet knefeh from your hosts. Following this favourite tradition, the same is applied at Antika on your way out.

Taking inspiration from Lebanon’s 1950’s hidden theatres, Antika Dubai’s plush interiors offer a style that is both comfortable and classic. Set within a detailed space rich with antiques and vintage pieces, the stage is positioned in the centre of the venue to offer maximum visibility without interruption.

Antika’s modern fusion Levantine cuisine incorporates the Middle East’s favourite flavours with a twist. From crunchy fattoush salad with roasted truffle beetroot, to grilled halloumi with soujouk chips or the delicious mousakhan rolls served with duck butter sauce, the blend of flavours is truly incomparable. Those who prefer the more nostalgic notes of classic dishes will be pleased to find an abundance of them on the menu as well.

The joie de vivre of the Lebanese spirit will continue to spread far and wide even when we are oceans away. Sundays at Antika are here to celebrate that spirit and it is truly an experience not to be missed.

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